Welcome to my website!

November 28, 2009


I am Brian Sipes and I thank you for visiting my campaign website. I recognize how fortunate I am that I was raised here in Fillmore. I have been a co-owner of a small business here in Fillmore along with my mother, Trinka Reynolds, since 2002.  Mortgage Loans By Trinka has been serving the community of Fillmore since 1978.

Under the auspices of the community that has supported my family’s business, I feel a need to give back to my community in a way that would have a wholesome benefit to all it’s citizens. I feel that the Fillmore City Council needs a member that is directly in relation to the small business community. I have served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce from 2002-2005. During that time, business owners have expressed concerns and ideas on ways that the City of Fillmore can play a more influential role within the business community. In order for Fillmore suceed, I believe that we need to focus on these issues.

  • Community Service
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Independence

Throughout my website, you’ll have a chance to see where I stand on issues and what my future vision is for the City of Fillmore.  Most importantly, I want to hear from you.

Again, I thank you and hope to gain your trust, so I can become a partner with you for the betterment of our community.

Brian N. Sipes